F – Fat Man & Little Boy

People standing near the center of Little Boy's explosion were immediately vaporized. One man's remains cover the stone steps of a bank and form a ghost-like shadow.

Fat Man and Little Boy were two nuclear bombs dropped on Japanese cities in hope of causing Japanese surrender and ending the war. A third nuclear weapon, a type of nuke-gun called “Thin Man”, was built, but scientists were unable to fully finish developing it, and it was never used.

Beginning the Manhattan Project

Nuclear technology research originated in Germany. Hungarian scientists were the first ones who tried to alert President Roosevelt to the nuclear threat, but they weren’t taken seriously. Later, Albert Einstein signed a letter to Roosevelt supporting their claims of Germany developing a nuclear bomb. This time, Roosevelt believed the threat, and created the Manhattan project. The Manhattan project had two responsibilities, the first was to develop nuclear technology, and the second was to monitor German progress on nuclear technology. Many German scientists, who emigrated from Germany to escape the Nazis, brought German research and assisted with developing the nuclear bombs. The scientific director of the Manhattan project was J. Robert Oppenheimer, who famously said “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” as he watched a nuke detonate for the first time. Oppenheimer did not see nuclear technology as a new warfare, but instead as a way of controlling war, and stopping it from happening again. Sadly, nuclear technology didn’t accomplish this goal.

The detonation of the bombs

Fat man was detonated in Nagasaki, and Little Boy was detonated in Hiroshima. The bomb blasts caused terrible destruction, sending out a blast wave, heat, and nuclear radiation.  The bombs irradiated their blast zones, and the radiation did more long-term damage than initial blast. Radiation was carried miles from the blast zone, it caused radiation poisoning and genetic defects even for those who were outside the initial blast zone. Fat Man and Little Boy were the first and last nukes ever used on a city, as the use of nuclear technology was banned afterward.

The destruction of nuclear technology can be simulated through this application, which allows you to choose a location and a nuclear weapon, and see the blast radius of the bomb. Ground Zero Simulator