N – Nagasaki

After the dropping of Little Boy over Hiroshima, all of Japan was devastated and trying to get back on their feet. 140,000 Japanese citizens died from the blast and after effects of the atom bomb over Hiroshima. The only reason it took three days for Fat Man to fall over Nagasaki was a lack of plutonium to put inside of the bomb. The U.S. did not plan on waiting for Japan to surrender after the

The crew of the B-29 that dropped Fat Man over Nagasaki.

first bomb. When it was packed up with sufficient plutonium and finally ready to be dropped, a B-29, named Bock’s Car, and her crew prepared the bomb for action. It was loaded up into the plane’s modified cargo hold and they departed towards Kokura at 3:49 A.M.

The original plan was to drop the bomb over Kokura, but that morning there was a haze over the city. The plane conveyed the message back to their base and the secondary target of Nagasaki was established.

Once the B-29 was directly overhead Nagasaki, they prepped the

bomb. At exactly 11:02 A.M., the Fat Man bomb was dropped over Nagasaki. It detonated 1,650 above the city. Approximately 40% of all the landscape, buildings included, was utterly annihilated. Out of the 270,000 who lived there, 70,000 died from the blast and effects that followed.

In total, the bombs killed more than 210,000 Japanese civilians.

The massive mushroom cloud that followed the explosion of Fat Man.

Some viewed this number as unnecessary and asked why it was dropped over such main cities in Japan. The decision to drop the bombs was very controversial but ultimately got the approval from President Truman. A quote sums up his reasoning for dropping the bomb.

“Having found the bomb we have used it. We have used it against those who attacked us without warning at Pearl Harbor, against those who have starved and have beaten and executed American prisoners of war, against those who have abandoned all pretense of obeying international laws of warfare. We have used it in order to shorten the agony of war, in order to save the lives of thousands and thousands of young Americans. We will continue to use it until we completely destroy Japan’s power to make war. Only a Japanese surrender will stop us.”

All of the devastation within the four days was too much for the Japanese. Emperor Hirohito battled his way past his overseers to put an end to the war. He was afraid of the possibilities of these bombs and realized it was the only realistic way out of the war.